The 6 Zones of Home Economic Involvement

In my last blog I talked about the 12 areas I recognized as being areas where my home produces, consumes or distributes goods or services. But where is it distributing or consuming these goods and services to and from? If I produce goods or services, where does the excess go? Well it’s fairly obvious, that there is a world outside of our home economy and our home will have to interact with that world.

I’ve been observing how my home economy interacts with the outside world and I’ve broken it down into 6 zones. Each of these 6 zones represents a different scale of economy starting with the home economy being zone 1 and ending with the global economy being zone 6. The zones are as follows:

  1. Home
  2. Community
  3. Region
  4. State
  5. Country
  6. World

Once I started observing my Home’s interaction with the outside world in this context, it quickly revealed that almost all of the goods and services I acquire and consume come from organizations that operate in zones 5 and 6 primarily while selling to zone 1. By acquiring all of the things required for day to day life from organizations that operate in zones 5 and 6, it became apparent that my home’s economy (and ultimately my life) was nearly 100% dependent on organizations that operate in zones 5 and 6.

My hypothesis on this aspect of my home economy is that the closer to zone 1 that I’m able to acquire the requirements of my life, the more independent I’ll become. We will see how this plays out as time goes on, but I think it’s a strong hypothesis. With goods and services coming from closer to zone one, I think that will create a network that is stronger and more sustainable in the long term than a network that stretches the globe for things like chicken or electric which can both be produced at home in modern times.

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