Some Personal Security Observations

As I sit here watching my favorite Christmas movie involving a kid stuck at home by himself with two robbers trying to steal all his families stuff, I start to think about the security at Green’s Acre. Security is an important aspect of home economics.

Security means all kinds of things, especially in the 21st century. Personal, physical security has always and will always exist, but new types of security have emerged as we continue into the age of information. Cyber security is another type of security that people should be concerned about, myself included. Beyond just physical and cyber security, there is also financial security, food/water security, operational security, and probably more. That’s probably a good start for me here at Green’s Acre though.

Green’s Acre is located in an area that is growing fast but is probably considered lower middle class. As a result, sometimes there are people who are up to no good. Truth be told, my dog only has one eye because he was shot with a bb gun by a kid in the neighborhood. I wasn’t home, and I’ll never know who did it. It’s been years since it happened but it made me get cameras around my house and while camera’s would let me catch who does something like this in the future, it doesn’t prevent it from happening, which would be the ideal situation it would seem.

Many people have firearms in their house as a form of security, which I may or may not support. The truth is though, most people don’t want to have to shoot someone. I can only speak for myself of course, but I definitely don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night and have to shoot someone breaking into my house. I don’t want to catch a kid shooting at my dogs on my properties.

Prevention seemed to be the theme of my observations though and as a result all of my questions that arose about security came back to the same theme of prevention. Can I prevent this from happening instead of having to react to it after it happens? Starting with my dogs, is it possible to prevent my neighborhood kids from messing with my dogs in the first place? How can I prevent my information from being stolen online? How can I prevent running out of food if there is a hurricane or something where I’m stuck at home for a month or something? In my next blog, I hope to formulate a hypothesis of how I can achieve this prevention goal on all fronts when it comes to security.

With an overarching hypothesis regarding my home’s security, I can start to test and implement solutions. Thanks for reading and leave a comment below about good security practices that you’ve heard and use.

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